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Interviu apie knygą „Akmenėlis”  („The Pebble”) populiariame paveikslėlių knygas pristatančiame ir jų kūrėjus kalbinančiame tinklaraštyje

Let’s Talk Illustrators #252: Inga Dagilė

I was completely blown away by The Pebble, written by Marius Marcinkevičius, illustrated by Inga Dagilė, and translated by Jura Avizienis. This tough story is set against a backdrop of the Holocaust, and it was an honor talking to Inga about how she carefully crafted the illustrations to be accessible and historically accurate. Please enjoy this peek at her process.

Inga Dagile and THE PEBBLE

About the book:

„My name was Eitan and it was the summer of 1943. I was sitting on the rooftop with my best friend Rivka and the whole world was at my feet.”

This is the story of Eitan, a gifted violinist, and his best friend, Rivka, growing up where children laugh, dogs bark, and women chat. All of this would be beautiful and idyllic, if not for one big, dark „but”–no one can leave this town, and once you go through the gates, you never come back…

Let’s talk Inga Dagilė!


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